Yoga Booty Ballet in Buenos Aires… It’s more than just a dance class

I love Salsa, so Latin American culture has been kind to me, and I went through a “I Must Learn to Tango” phase for a couple of years after I first arrived to Buenos Aires too. I have no doubt that I will dance until I die, as there’s nothing quite like a dance class to make me forget the day and concentrate on the here-and-now with a smile, but I have to say with great pleasure that I have never taken a class quite like Yoga Booty Ballet before.

I’ve been a dancer for 30 out of my 33 years. I’ve taken classes and examinations in ballet, jazz, modern and tap. I have a degree in Performing Arts, majoring in Dance, and I taught Dance to 11 – 18 year olds in a Secondary School/Sixth Form College in London for seven years (for three of those I headed the Dance Department too). I’ve supplemented my dance training with lessons in Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates (both with mats and machines) and Boxing, would you believe! However, again, I have to say, Yoga Booty Ballet is a completely new dance experience for me and one I’m really enjoying.

The components of Yoga Booty Ballet Dafne

A typical Yoga Booty Ballet class is broken down into four specific components, which I go through in detail in an article I had published about Yoga Booty Ballet on Connecting Worlds just a few weeks ago.

Take time to read that article if you’re interested in taking a class and/or watch the video below. In this post, I’d like to focus on what Dafne offers in each Yoga Booty Ballet session which makes it more than just a simple dance class and puts it on a whole other level in terms of spiritual/emotional health and wellbeing.

Dafne’s perfectly placed “extras”

Dafne Schilling’s teaching approach is novel. She combines the program of a standard dance class with tips on how to get the best out of the body and educational material related to yoga that she shares “con ganas” (a little Spanish reference for those familiar with the term).

A few weeks ago, she focused on the importance of breathing to help the body make better transitions from one asana position to another. She also reminded us that during the meditation part of the class at the beginning of each session, we are also working on passing through from one asana to another. I hadn’t made that connection myself (despite my extensive dance training) and this reassured me more than ever that I am in good hands when working with Dafne.

Dafne often brings written texts related to yoga to class too. She shares what has touched her personally during the week whilst reading the material and how the reading has helped her to understand life in general just a little bit more than before. I love the way in which she shares what she has learned. She presents herself as a real person (not a dance-teaching machine) who uses dance and yoga to find the happy side to being alive.

I’ve learnt the meaning of “Namaste,” I’m excited about attending class even if I haven’t slept and I never fail to smile as I dance from start to finish. Dance has always made me smile inside, but Yoga Booty Ballet makes me smile on the surface and share my happiness with the world around me. I find the sessions incredibly important for my emotional health and not just useful for keeping fit and improving posture.

Doing it together

931297_500213026710184_1120384209_nHaving danced for 30 years, I have been through my fair share of dance classes, dance teachers, dance styles and dance classmates. One of the best things about Yoga Booty Ballet is the sense of “group” and of “dancing together” which is generated every session. The girls who go to Yoga Booty Ballet look after each other, and we talk through each other’s worries and concerns. It’s a little community as well as a dance class… you can’t put a price on community. It’s golden.

As a foreign female, who arrived to Buenos Aires without any friends or family to support her, Yoga Booty Ballet is an important weekly, social activity for me to attend now too. If you’re new to Buenos Aires, don’t sign up to the gym. Write me an email and come along with me to your first session of Yoga Booty Ballet. You’ve got nothing to lose in trying it!